20+ Years Experience in Commercial Real Estate in the Austin, Texas Area

David K. Wang

Realtor at Kera Realty, LLC

  • Agent License: 560916

About David K. Wang

David K. Wang is a prime example of Austin’s growing transplant population. He moved from Florida, but his love for the Austin-area is best demonstrated in action by serving the community. As a Realtor®, he strives to go the extra mile to ensure his clients find both the right investment, location and price.

With 20 years of property management experience under his belt, David is a walking database on remodel tips, tricks, and contacts. A University of Florida graduate with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, his venture into property management began in leasing apartments and progressed further in condo maintenance and management.

He now practices real estate full-time. David was elected as a board member for his neighborhood water district and has faithfully served for the last 6 years. He also serves regularly in his church, volunteering in ways he can reach out to those in need.

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